Text 10 Jun Awesome snack: Almond butter and banana

This simple snack is a high-density food, because so many of its calories are packed with nutrients. Basically, you get more bang for your buck, calorie-wise. The banana is a good source of carbs, and is high in potassium, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Almond butter is high in protein and monounsaturated fat (the good kind!)

Plus, the two foods taste great together.


1 small or medium banana (~100 cal, 27g carb, 1g protein, 0g fat)

2 tbsp raw, creamy, unsalted almond butter (190 cal, 6g carb, 8g protein, 17g fat )

*PS If your almond butter seems a bit dry, especially when you get near the bottom of the jar, just add cold-pressed almond oil and stir.

Text 8 Jun Recipe: Golden Milk

This recipe was given to me by several instructors at my yoga studio who found this drink in Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa’s Food as Medicine, so many thanks to them. Golden milk is beneficial for the joints and helps relieve pain from inflammation, mainly due to the turmeric, which is a traditional anti-inflammatory and is often prescribed in the treatment of many illnesses.  It is best known as a lubricant for the joints and is also excellent for the skin and for mucous membranes.


½ teaspoon ground turmeric

½ cup water

8 ounces milk

1 tablespoon cold-pressed almond oil

1 teaspoon raw honey


Boil turmeric in water for about 8 minutes.  Add milk and almond oil, bring to a boil, then remove from heat and add honey.

Text 8 Jun Welcome!

For all those foodies our there, this is a blog about food—delicious, healthful, beautiful food. Many of my posts will feature my own recipes, but I will always be on the lookout for new photos and information about cuisine, especially whole food cuisine.

Bon appetit!

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